We provide anglers with the ideal range of premium terminal tackle to take their fishing to the next level.

The founding team of Kona USA on a recent bonefishing trip in The Bahamas. Martin Bawden (center), who is also the founder and CEO of Flymen Fishing Co., spearheaded the effort to start Kona USA, partnering with Shane Terblanche (right) and Caleb Welborn (left).

Outfitting yourself with the fishing setup you need has become unnecessarily complicated over the years as the fishing industry and product offerings have grown. We decided to develop an ideal range of premium terminal tackle that makes it straightforward and easy for anglers to put together a quality setup so they can get out on the water and fish.

The Kona hook range has been launched with several new models coming soon, and we are currently reaching the final stages of development for the Kona line and hardware product ranges.